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Handbook of Forensic Psychiatric Practice in Capital Cases (Second Edition) (2018)

  • Professional Resources
  • 18 Jan 2018

This Handbook, together with the compendium Casebook of Forensic Psychiatric Practice in Capital Cases,  provides an authoritative guide on the application of mental health law in capital cases and other serious criminal proceedings.

The resources respond to the knowledge that, in many countries that retain the death penalty, mental health issues are not being sufficiently addressed by the courts, leading to miscarriages of justice and putting vulnerable individuals at risk.

The two publications have been drafted by forensic psychiatrists Professor Nigel Eastman, Dr Richard Latham and Dr Marc Lyall and clinical forensic psychologist, Dr Sanya Krljes, and are published in association with Forensic Psychiatry Chambers.

The publications provide practical advice and assistance not only to mental health professionals but also instructing lawyers, prosecutors, presiding judges and others working within the criminal justice system. The Handbook guides the reader through the role of the forensic psychiatrist in criminal proceedings and key principles of mental health law while the Casebook uses real-life examples to address ethical and professional questions and explore the application of legal principles.

The publications are designed to accompany training programmes for legal and medical professionals, addressing gaps in the implementation of the rights afforded to those with mental disorder. They will support those within the criminal justice process to fairly and accurately address mental health issues as they arise in capital cases, leading to greater protection of those suffering from mental disorder.

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